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Premium Seedboxes Built for Speed

Superboxes gives you an optimized, fast, and totally customizable Seedbox that fits your every need. Whether you’re looking for optimised storage for your torrents or download speeds for your favorite videos, we will have something that fits.

Pricing plans to suit your needs

We believe that privacy and freedom must be available to all. Therefore, our seedboxes provide
you anonymity and more at an affordable price.


$10.00 per month

   DISK: 300GB SSD
   DATA : 1GBPS Unlimited
   Torrent Client Access: (r + ru) Torrent
   ACCESS: All Trackers
   HELP: Live Support


$15.00 per month

   DISK: 500GB SSD
   DATA : 1GBPS Download Unlimited Traffic
   Torrent Client Access: (r + ru) Torrent
   ACCESS: Private & Public Tracker
    LOCATION: Paris, France
   5 users/server


$20.00 per month

   DISK: 800GB SSD
   DATA : 1GBPS Network Unlimited Traffic
   Torrent Client Access: (r + ru) Torrent
   ACCESS: Private & Public Tracker
    LOCATION: Paris, France
   5 users/server

What makes our seedbox amazing?

Our top of the line servers maintain 99% uptime withour any lags. With cheapseedboxes, you do not have to worry about any logs, contracts or ISP’s. You will enjoy full privacy with us. Our Seedbox product is built with your security & anonymity in mind.

Excellent network performance, low latency, maximum availability, and protection from cyber-crime activities. Real value for your money.

Robust hardware

Robust hardware

Latest hardware which can handdle good IO and streaming simultaniously. 

High Security

High Security

All Access is encrypted with SSL providing state of the art security and anonymity for you online.

More than 40+ apps

More than 40+ apps

Create your own automated media centre with more than 40+ apps to choose from.

Amazing Support

Amazing Support

Get 24×7 support by our seedbox experts. Use our live chat or raise a ticket in case of any issues

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What they say?

Frequently Asked Questions?

Having some questions regarding seedboxes? Here are some top questions asked by clients over a decade. If you still have any doubts, please contact us on our chat system.

What is a Seedbox?

It is a remote server with a torrent web application , where in you can just upload the tracker files and it would download the torrent , which you can further transfer to your PC with either using a VPN provided with the seedbox or transfer with a software like cuteFTP or filezilla with encryption to stay out of your ISP montitoring.

Do we provide VPN with our seedbox? & Is Autodl-irssi Installed in our Seedboxes?


How are we more secure?

Most seedbox companies use an automated system which is linked to the billing mechanism that’s linked to your seedbox, however our systems don’t link your seedbox to the billing system and all of the seedbox details are maintained manually on an offline system, so even if the website is hacked, there are no details to be found – giving you complete peace of mind.

Do you have any bandwidth limit?

No, But to be fair to all users on server if there is a abnormal usage on a account we regulate its uplaod speeds.

How do I cancel services?

To cancel a service, log into your client area, navigate to the services section and there you can choose your plan and cancel it, no questions asked.

Are apps available on all plans?

Yes all apps are available on all plans without restriction.

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